BitPay Payment System Ltd


After 24 hours
  • Total Profit: 20%

  • Deposit: Return

  • Min deposit - 20 USD

    Max Deposit - 100 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 24 USD

After 48 hours
  • Total Profit: 40%

  • Deposit: Included

  • Min deposit - 100 USD

    Max Deposit - 1000 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1 USD

After 3 DAYS
  • Total Profit: 100%

  • Deposit: Included

  • Min deposit - 1000 USD

    Max Deposit - 20000 USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 24 USD

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  • Total Profit: 110%

  • Deposit: Return

  • Min deposit - 20USD

    Max Deposit -1000USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 1USD

  • Min Withdrawal - 5USD

We developed three unique tariff plans. Each of them possesses its own advantages. Choose the most suitable for your option according to proper investment terms and conditions. You can use one or several plans at a time for having as much income as it is possible in the shortest period.

Our advantages

Guarantee of payments
Deep analysis of the financial environment, high-qualified development of strategies of the company’s improvement allow us to meet all the requirements and obligations of payments to our clients.
Flexibility of systems
Our trading strategies allow to adapt to any kinds of the market's fluctuations and receive everyday profits by beneficially using changes in currency rates.
Professional support
Our support service specialists are always ready to give assistance at any moment. They will reply to any question you may be interested in and will offer the optimal ways of solving problems.
DDoS protection
Our specialists do their best in order to support the normal operation of the platform, protect users from DDoS and all the other kinds if hacker-attacks due to multi-level security systems.
Range of plans
We offer a choice of three optimally developed investment plans which give you opportunities to receive up to 160% of profits with minimal risks.
Payback periods
Company’s specialists create such investment conditions in which every investment starts paying back the next day and provides profits during the whole investment period.